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Thursday, June 21, 2007

PSCAD, Power System Computer Aided Design

The analyzing of a real world power system may be a very complex task for an engineer or for the person who moderate the power system, especially in the case of unexpected faulty conditions that may occur by various means including unpredictable natural disasters. This analyzing process should do by the equivalent mathematical models of the equipments that were connected to power system. It is a great ease, if the engineer can model the system with the aid of a software platform to analyze and simulate the behavior of power system at various scenarios and even when building new one or integrate new one to the existing power system.

PSCAD® is a general-purpose time domain simulation tool for studying transient behavior of electrical networks. First developed in 1976, the EMTDC simulation program has been constantly evolving in its scope and capabilities. Users can now harness the power of EMTDC through the user-friendly PSCAD interface on personal computers. This seamlessly integrated visual environment supports all aspects of conducting a simulation including circuit assembly, run-time control, analysis, and reporting. Simply put, PSCAD is the professional's tool for electromagnetic transient simulation.

MATLAB™, framework also contain a library to simulate power systems, but it cannot model, all the scenarios that can happen to the power system, specially the fault conditions. Therefore PSCAD™ evolved as the only professional tool to simulate and design the power systems, nowadays. This Platform has very efficient simulate engine, with a core written by FORTRAN language. EMTDC can simulate not only complex electric networks but also has the capability of modeling complex power electronics, controls and the non-linear network. When run under the PSCAD graphical user interface, the PSCAD/EMTDC combination becomes a powerful means of visualizing the enormous complexity of portions of the electric power system.

Applications of PSCAD

· Distributed generation studies

· Control system design & optimization.

· Protection system validation

· Lightning and impulse studies

· Power transmission design and testing

· Industrial plant planning

· Power electronic circuits design analyzing and simulation

· Analyzing Asymmetrical faults of Large power systems

· Protection relay coordination

· Arc furnace flicker

· Rotating machines

· Transmission system design & performance

· Power quality studies

· Power electronic design

· Electric machine performance

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