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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dr.D.Amith Munindradasa passed away

Dr. D Amith Munindradasa, had passed away suddenly in Israel on 12th of June. He was an expert in Power Electronics, Nano Technology, Mechatronics, Quantum Mechanics and also in non technical things such as photography and wildlife.

He was born in Walana, Panadura, Sri lanka in 1966. He has expertise talents in machine mechanics, from his early childhood.

He graduated from University of Moratuwa in 1993 as an Electronic and Telecommunication Engineer, and got his PhD from Liverpool university, in Semiconductor Electronics.

He developed Multi Phase Axial Flux Permanent Magnetic Motor and validate it conceptually via a mathematical model.

As the author of this post, I myself feel very sad, about this coincidence. He was my Electronic Lecturer in University.

May He Attain Nibbana !!

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Champ said...

Kind hearted school friend, colleague in Telecommunication, Astronomy. Did a great service at 'Subodhi'Astronomical club.
May he attain Nibbana.