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Friday, June 29, 2007

Applications of RFID tags

Most common applications of RFID tags can be summarized as follows.

  1. Product tracking and identification – as a replacement for barcodes and barcode readers, library management systems, identification badges (American Express Blue™ credit card), container management systems in ports
  2. Passports – can keep records of the travel history (time, date, and place) of entries and exits from the country (e-passport Malaysia)
  3. Animal tracking – Implanted RFID tag can track the position of an animal
  4. Automotive – Long range access controlling of vehicles, embedded in keys to avoid duplicates(Honda CBR RR, Toyota Camry 2007, Toyota Avalon 2006, Lexus GS), Anti theft ignition system (Honda Civic, Ford Mustang)
  5. Automatic Logging, Security Systems – Implanted RFID tag can be used to log in to a PC or a Server with required hardware, and can be used for security systems (Banks)

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