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Friday, June 29, 2007

Operation of RFID tag - an example

Suppose a man with implanted RFID tag in his body, approaches to a door with a security lock based on RFID. Then following events will occur, between the lock and the tag.

  1. An RFID reader emits radio waves, which power the implanted tag. The reader sends an encryption password.
  2. The tag, which consists of a microchip and an antenna, checks the password. If it recognizes the password, the tag’s memory unlocks.
  3. The tag transmits a code stored in its memory back to the reader.
  4. The reader compares the tag’s code to a key code stored in the reader. If they match, the lock opens.
  5. The reader generates a new key and stores it, then sends the new key to the tag.
  6. The tag writes the new key into its memory.

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