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Friday, June 15, 2007

Obituary of Dr. Amith Munindradasa (WUS) (EESoc)

Dear friends,

Dr. Amith Munindradasa has passed away on 11th June 2007 when he was in Israel representing Sri Lanka for a conference. It is reported that he died of pneumonia but it is yet to be confirmed. He was senior lecturer at University of Moratuwa and the former Head of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

He was graduated in 1993 from University of Moratuwa and was awarded the Doctorate from University of Liverpool. He had an in depth knowledge and taught analogue electronics, quantum electronics, mechatronics and photography for undergraduates and provided proper guidance for students to groom.

Dr. Amith Munindradasa was the president of World University Service (WUS) of University of Moratuwa which provided many services to students at the university. He was a great wildlife admirer and enthusiastic photographer. His knowledge was not limited to academic but widely spread through religious, astrology, astronomy, optics and thermodynamics. His ability to give knowledge to others (teach) was no second to any other; it was clear, precise and more practical. He was a leading researcher in the field of solid state electronics and has contributed an invaluable service for the field of Wildlife in Sri Lanka.

More than he was a great person to get to know who had a true spirit of friendship. He was helpful in every possible way and did his work according to the rule and in a fair manner.

He was considered a great teacher among student and great colleague among staff members and a brilliant advisor among WUS members and a great friend among his nature loving friends and most of all a great contributor for the whole nation of Sri Lanka.

It is our deepest condolences to announce his sudden death; otherwise he could have immensely contributed to the nation in the years to come.

May Dr. Amith Munindradasa attend nibbana!

WUS Committee members

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