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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kirlian Image Reel - Email From the Creator

I asked about some facts regarding the kirlian video, which I have posted here. I will put the details here for readers reference.

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Author of the video : John Campbell

Thank you very much John..



Thanks for your interest in my Kirlian video.

The equipment used is a CV6000 tesla coil and a transparent electrode. I bought these for about $1000 from www.kirlianlab.com. If you are a do-it-yourself person and comfortable building your own electrical equipment, you can get detailed plans in the book "Kirlian Photography- a hands-on guide" by John Iovine. I found that book using Google and bought it online. If you build it yourself- BE CAREFUL! You're dealing with high voltage!

If you buy the pre-made equipment from kirlianlab.com the builder/owner of the business is very helpful with giving advice for the best results and helping with any problems you might have.

To get good results with this equipment you'll need a video camera that has the ability to record under low light and can focus close to the surface of the transparent electrode (or can be fitted with a macro lens). The camera I use is a Canon ZR-45. It's just a consumer model that I bought at an electonics store like Best Buys.

In low-light mode the camera records images that are sort of slow and jerky because of the slow frame rate compensating for the long exposures of each frame. So I used an editing program (Final Cut Pro) to speed the shots up to look more natural.

As far as what you're seeing in the video, small thin objects that conduct electricity because they are metallic or contain moisture work the best. In order of appearance in my video they are:

1. Cross section of Starfruit
2. Starfish (he was dead but I soaked him in water to moisten him up a bit)
3. Cross section of Kumquat fruit
4. Cross section of Chinese squash
5. Catnip leaf (2 shots)
6. Crane's Bill Leaf (3 shots)
7. Misc group shots arranged in a circular pattern
8. A dead Moth (most people think it looks like a fish)
9. Small Poinsettia leaf
10. Vajra made from aluminum foil

Most of the objects you see in my video are no larger than about 1 or 2 inches. You could get a shot of a hand, but larger objects use up more energy and produce a dimmer image. The transparent electrode is only about 10 inches across so an adult hand is almost too large to frame up in the shot. The energized transparent electrode will also make your subject's hands tingle so you'll need a willing participant who isn't squeamish. For safety's sake you and your subject should wear rubber soled shoes and make sure all the equipment is properly grounded.

If you like my video, I hope you will consider buying my DVD which contains a newer version of the Kirlian video seen on YouTube as well as other interesting films that employ unusual techniques. It's available on Filmbaby for $15.99. To go directly to my DVD page go to: http://www.filmbaby.com/films/2961

Good luck- let me know how it goes!


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